Time Lord Princess


my entire life is me dropping things and whispering ‘fuck’

"For you to insult me, I must first value your opinion."


We have different meanings for the same words.
When I said forever, I meant for eternity.
When you said forever, I should have known
that what you meant was until tomorrow morning.

Our definition of love is too inconsistent
for someone to be able to understand both sides.
You believe that love is giving it all up,
while I believe that love is sacrifice.

In your mouth, I am the synonym that can never be
replaced by prettier words; words that seem
to have more of a rich meaning when they are
rolling off of your lips.

In my mouth, you are a run-on sentence;
the words that I can never seem to pronounce.
In my mouth, you rest underneath my tongue;
just waiting for the right time to make a fool out of me.

Anonymous: tits?

Not today, sorry honey. <3

-Princess Amaya
Anonymous: You sound like a bunch of lingerie, box of sex toys and drink from utopia would cheer you up

Hahaha, probably would have fixed everything, yes.
I’m easily pleased via material means, I know.

-Princess Amaya
Anonymous: When are you going to post your photoshoot or more tights? :3

When the photos are edited, if I like them yet then, otherwise probably never, that specific shoot, anyway.
I can do tights at some point in the next couple hours though :) x

-Princess Amaya

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